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LASSA provides a variety of services that ranges from in house service to orientation and referral to partner agencies and other services in the community. Our main priority is to facilitate newcomers integration in the Canadian community regardless their status. However, access to specific services are subject to eligibility criteria.

Needs Assessment and Action Plan:

An integral component of the settlement and integration process, and incorporating relevant and recognized IRCC tools such as “Living in Canada”, needs assessment and action plan development is a process that will determine eligibility for services, assessing newcomers needs, assisting newcomers in making informed settlement related decisions, and basing an action plan and referrals strategy customized to address client needs and goals. The action plan and referral process provides eligible clients with specific needs to available resources in the community, including referrals to resources relating to economic, social, cultural, educational and recreational activities in Ontario that could contribute to the expediting of their settlement.

Our services include:

client-servcs partner-servcs

Services for Clients:

I. Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Program / Bridging to Credentials Assessment Services

II. Social Services

III. Employment Services

IV. Mental Health and Well-Being Support Services


Services for Community Organizations:

  1. Onsite Service
  2. Offsite Services


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